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Oriental Medicine
Thousands of ancient traditions handed down generations, proven to work. I would like to show you just how effective Oriental Medicine can be.

We have a variety of modalities to choose from: Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Gua-sha, Tuina, Qi Gong, E-stim, TDP heat therapy and herbal medicine.

I can use one or multiple combinations to balance your body and get it back to working correctly. Call me at Poke A Dot Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine to find out what we can do for you to help you feel better.
Acupuncture is a central part of Oriental Medicine.  We insert hair thin, single use, disposable, surgical steel needles into specific points on the body. 
Acupuncture involves the manipulation of the flow of energy and body fluids thru a system of channels.
If the body is out of balance, the flow of energy  and fluids becomes out of sync
By inserting needles, we can regulate and balance the flow.  This helps alleviate symptoms as well as get all the organs working as they should.

Needles can be scary to alot of people, these are really thin and the sensation is usually a micro pick if that or a tingling at the needle site or even at a different location on the body. This is all normal, we are moving energy and the body does what it needs to to help us. We will gladly address any concerns you have at the time of treatment to help alleviate any stress.

Herbal Medicine
The use of herbal supplements is another aspect of Oriental Medicine. We use it to enhance our treatment plan. By using herbal remedies, we can treat both symptoms as well as the root cause of those symptoms.  This allows us to continue to treat the body in between office visits.  

The herbal supplements are all natural and certified to the highest standards.  We want it to work with your body, not against it so if you have any concerns about gluten, allergies or if you are a  vegan or vegetarian, please let us know and we will customize the herbal formulae to fit your needs.